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Being the Energy with Jaime

Updated: Feb 1

Jaime Kravitz - Professional Master of Ceremonies + DJ at The Energy Producer

Jaime Kravitz has paved the way for Cleveland women in the entertainment industry and shows no signs of slowing down. For her entire life, Jaime has had a deep connection with music and performance. Starting with her love of theater as a child, Jaime always knew there was a source of energy inside her. Despite studying to be an elementary school teacher, she felt a part of her passion was missing; so, pivoting her career to performing on a Disney Cruise line came without question. The spark for performance was reignited and after returning home and briefly working in education again, Jaime found her calling with an entertainment company in Cleveland. After working as an Emcee and DJ at another company for years, she still felt that she was missing a key part of the creative process. “I wanted more. I wanted to be more involved. I wanted to be part of the creation of the vision or taking the vision and enhancing it. I wanted to be involved from the beginning, all the way to the end,” is what Jaime told us.

The Energy Producer was born out of Jaime’s passions for rocking a microphone, creating *magical memories*, and her desire to fill the gap that existed for women in the entertainment industry. Knowing she could make a change starting in her own city, Jaime decided it was time to go off on her own and create what was clearly lacking in the market; a female-owned and operated entertainment company. After making the leap, Jaime reflects on what drives her, “There’s always been something missing. I knew I could do more. I wanted more. I was craving more. And I could have more impact, out on my own, doing business my way.”

In a busy world full of entrepreneurs, it is more important than ever to network and build relationships which you can rely on. Jaime sees this as a pillar of her business and does what she can to foster the relationships that she’s gratefully created and loves to serve as a ‘master connector’ for others. The Energy Producer says it’s important to build rapport and trust with fellow industry members. You never know when a client will ask for a recommendation! It’s all about community, partnership, referring those you admire, and providing support mutually. Jaime loves to make new connections every week, and highly recommends that others seek out networking opportunities. It may not be in everyone’s comfort zone, but growth can’t be found there.

Having networked extensively at the beginning of her time as an Emcee has helped her feel seen and understood by peers in the industry. She touched on what it was like becoming the face of her brand after working under someone else's name for so long and how the transition to introducing herself as an entrepreneur helped improve her confidence and ultimately, her success. Her tip for networking when you feel new to the game is: ask people about themselves. “If you ask them a question, sometimes there is something they are going to say that you really sync up with and it will take you out of your head so you can be you.”

Jaime and Shannon at the first Summer Social!
Jaime and Shannon at the first Summer Social in 2021!

As arguably the first woman locally to pursue a solo career in the very male-dominated entertainment industry, Jaime has experienced her share of sexism and gender bias in the workplace. She recounted her recent purchase of a van for her business supplies and was confronted with salesmen at the dealership who directed their efforts and attention to her male partner automatically, never acknowledging that the purchase was hers to make. On the job, Jaime recalls several encounters with other women who have shown their own gender bias by asking her questions about her business and not hiding their shocked reactions to her solo-preneurship. She said, “I’ve had older women ask me ‘Girls can do this?’ and has also been mistaken for nearly anything but the DJ/MC.” She tends to laugh it off and loves to ‘make raving fans out of skeptics. For her, proving a stranger's bias to be wrong is a huge part of overcoming the disparity in the industry. By blowing guests away with her skill and energy, Jaime proves to anyone who may not believe it, that she means business and belongs in the room just as much, if not more, than any man.

Jaime has happily found that the skeptic reactions have slowly shifted to excitement and curiosity in recent years. Having been in the industry for the past 8 years, there’s been growth, and she’s proud to create representation for the next generation, because ‘it’s hard to be who you cannot see’.

Although she gets so much of her energy and joy from her work, outside of her booming business, Jaime shared her passions for trave and art. She talks about how creativity plays a part in all aspects of her life and touches on how she can incorporate some of these practices back into her lifestyle as it continues to evolve. She also mentions making time for others as a way of making time for herself saying, “Quality time is my love language and I get so wrapped in work. I really tend to put myself in a bubble when it’s busy season, and it’s time for me to carve time to let friends and family in.”

Jaime and Ahmaad Crump at the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women event in February 2023.

With her success growing each and every day, we asked Jaime to share with us a particularly memorable or defining moment in her career so far. She mentioned having eye opening ‘aha’ moments frequently when it feels like she is really doing what she set out to do. Ultimately, she feels most at home at non-profit events. “My heart soars when I am doing something bigger. I’m making a bigger impact. Knowing that I am doing something more for the world or community just by being a part of someone's event.” Jaime also shared that a moment where she really felt she ‘made it’ was hosting alongside the voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Ahmaad Crump, at the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women event. Being able to connect side-by-side showed her not only that they had similar stories, but both had created their own opportunities. It all comes back to the power of how networking and using her voice has led Jaime to the moments that define her success.

With all the growth and accomplishments Jaime has seen as The Energy Producer thus far, we asked her to share the things she would most like to tell her past self as a message to aspiring DJs—particularly women—who are looking to make the same success for themselves. “Find the gap and fill the gap yourself. Instead of waiting for someone else. There is a community for everyone out here in this world, you just have to find the right place,” she shares. She reflected on her younger self and the pressure she felt to make the “safe” choices that ultimately lead her to break the mold anyway. Jaime has certainly done the work to make her lifelong dream a reality and only continues to honor the community and support that helped get her there by paying it forward to those who share her ambition.

There is truly no one like Jaime Kravitz and we are truly honored to help share her story and continue to cheer her on. As one of the first people to support Woman Up Cleveland in the very early days, our friendship and partnership has grown tremendously as we continue to learn about Jaime’s vibrancy, loyalty, and uplifting persona. Jaime not only has the power to command a room, but she also masters in creating intimate and lasting connections with others that reach far beyond entertainment and performance. She is a genuine, playful, and authentic powerhouse and we can think of no better name than The Energy Producer for someone whose joy is utterly contagious.


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